When it comes to tree services and landscaping it’s important to remember that the land your building stands on is just as in need of care as the building itself. In other words, investing in your biggest asset by implementing shade, lighting, landscaping, and/or sodding can completely alter the aesthetic or impression of any property. As a small business our main focus is on residential and commercial tree service. Trees are truly an undervalued amazing asset that require both maintenance and protection. We’re here to provide that service, making your yard the best it can be with expertise love and care.

Custom Shade Sails

Custom Shade Sails

I bet you can think of many outdoor spaces that you would like to add shade to. Maybe your favorite sitting area or your children’s play area, or even your swimming pool. Awnings, gazebos and tiki huts are too expensive and take up too much yard space, and trees take too long to grow. So how do you solve the problem?

Our easy-to-install shade sails are the perfect solution for adding shade anywhere you want. And they come in a variety of colors and designs to fit any decor. Turn your outdoor living spaces into a shady oasis with our custom shade sails.

Our shade sails are tough too! They are rated for 90 mph winds which is common in our part of the world. For more serious storms, our shade sails are easy to take down and store.

Call us today to see how we can help shade your favorite outdoor living spaces: (305) 619-6676.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Dvine Outdoor Works provides cost-effective and innovative ways to accentuate outdoor living spaces and landscape. Outdoor lighting improves the visibility of your property and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Our outdoor lighting services include:

  • Lighting Consultations
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting Repairs
  • Outdoor Lighting Maintenance
  • Pool Area Lighting
  • Dock Lighting
  • Pathway Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • HOA Entrance Lighting
  • and much more…

Want to light up your property? Call today to see how we can help: (305) 619-6676

Tree Trimming

Tree Services

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of your beautiful home through the maintenance of a healthy landscape. Though aesthetically pleasing to the eye, trees, especially unhealthy ones, near structures pose a very real threat. This is especially true in the case of a storm. Not only that, but their removal requires precision and a practiced hand. That is of course where our company comes in.

We provide various tree services such as trimming, limb or tree removal, and pruning. Our tree trimming covers mostly palms and oaks, both of which involve the removal of low hanging, downward hanging, or dead limbs. These are of most concern when they hover over houses, power lines, sheds, and more.

The pruning service mostly pertains to “center prune” oaks. In other words, removing the bushy layer from a tree that can grow up the middle to clean up its appearance. This is also beneficial for the tree’s health.

Our removal service involves removing any dead trees that may pose a threat to your home in a storm, could cause foundation damage, or simply that are desired gone. Permits for larger trees can be provided by our licensed arborist. There is no job to big or small for our expert team.

Storm Prep and Storm Clean Up

Storm Prep & Cleanup

When it comes to mother nature its power knows not many bounds. Consequently, we are happy to provide storm prep and cleanup for our loyal customers, or new ones! By cleaning up any low hanging limbs, deadened or uncomfortably close trees we’re able to help to prevent the extent of damage any storm may cause.

Our storm prep service involves trimming trees away from houses in the event of intense weather, especially if high winds may occur. This is a crucial safety measure as many insurances won’t cover damage caused if trees are near your home. We also provide storm cleanup through the removal of debris from customers property. This includes from large oaks to small hedges. Currently, we’re on our way to partnering with FEMA and working with insurance companies directly for the ease of our customers.

Landscape Services

Landscape Services

Our custom landscaping service is truly all-encompassing, meeting our customers exact needs and wants to perfection. In other words, it functions to plant trees, shrubs, palms, flowers, install rock fills, mulch beds, and much more. With expert hands, we also provide light landscaping such as the trimming of hedges, bushes, and annuals. Additionally, we’re happy to fulfill small sod jobs for our wonderful customers. However, our landscaping service mainly revolves around helping to remove and haul existing landscaping while planting a few trees when desired.

Small Sod Installation Projects

Small Sod Projects

Small sod projects by us extend to any type of yard with any type of sod. Irrigation will need to be in place for warranty work though this is no deterrent. Our company strives to make your yard as beautiful as it can be with elegant glistening grass of all types. Take the next in making your home truly shine with small sod projects by “company name”.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

A yard, just as a home, is only as tidy as you keep it. For a fair monthly fee our lawn maintenance service provides this, much like a maid but for your personal lawn. We offer mowing, edge trimming, hedge trimming or shaping, and general up-keep to keep your landscaping as immaculate as when it was first installed.